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Friday, September 5, 2014

Music, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Singing, Lessons!

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When you purchase ANY Mike Singer Guide you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to ALL other Guides absolutely FREE. That is a $396 Value for ALL other FOUR (4) Guides - FREE! This BONUS is available ONLY to Official Mike Singer Students who have already purchased a Mike Singer Guide. When you purchase ANY one (1) Guide you will get INSTANT ACCESS to ALL other Guides. This includes: The Mike Singer Guitar Players Guide, The Mike Singer Piano Players Guide, The Mike Singer Bass Players Guide, The Mike Singer Drum Players Guide and The Mike Singer Vocalists Guide. All of these Guides were created to provide people with the ULTIMATE LESSONS. They are ALL designed to provide information and lessons that will help YOU to understand and know how to play the Guitar, Piano, Bass and/or Drums EASIER and FASTER than any other resource will do. Mike Singer created and published Grand Staff and His Musical Friends to help children learn about music and to encourage children to be involved with music at the youngest age possible. It is the BEST resource on the planet for doing that. He created The Mike Singer Guitar Players Guide, The Mike Singer Piano Players Guide, the Mike Singer Bass Players Guide and The Mike Singer Drum Players Guide to be the BEST resources available on the planet to help people wanting to learn how to play the Guitar, Piano, Bass and/or Drums. These Guides are truly the BEST resources on the planet for doing that. Since the age of 10 Mike Singer has been surrounded by guitars, pianos and drums. He eventually studied jazz guitar and music education in college. And later went on to publish his children’s music books and finally his Guides for Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums and Vocals. He believes ALL people are musical and they should develop their musical talents and potential, especially children so that in the future there will not be one person who is not musical. He longs for the world to become a BETTER and more MUSICAL place. Mike Singer gets paid $60 dollars to go into a person’s home and provide them with one very valuable and useful lesson - a GREAT lesson - that takes about an hour. You will be receiving everything Mike Singer teaches his students over a 3 - 6 month period of time. This is your opportunity to get the same information and lessons that many other people are paying $600 - $1,200 to receive for JUST $99. For LESS than the price of just ONE Mike Singer lesson you will be getting ALL of them. Plus you will get INSTANT ACCESS to ALL of his other Guides absolutely FREE. Mike Singer was recently cited as being the #1 Guitar Teach at Sam Ash - a Nationwide Music Store where he also provides his superior music lessons (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Vocals). He is lauded by many as being the BEST music teacher in South Florida. Many people in South Florida will attest to that… including Doctors, Lawyers and a retired Air Force Colonel… not to mention numerous people from all around the world who have already accessed his Guides and have posted their own comments and testimonials within his YouTube and Facebook pages, which have been copied, pasted and published within his websites. What you are ultimately purchasing when you buy any Mike Singer Guide is a direct connection with Mike Singer. Once you have accessed his Guide you will be connected with him for life and will have UNLIMITED ACCESS to ANY and ALL new bits of information, videos and lessons he adds to his Guides over time. You will be accessing the BEST resources you will ever find for understanding, learning and knowing how to play the Guitar, Piano, Bass and/or Drums!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Best Online Guitar Lessons Ever!

If you are about to purchase The Mike Singer Guitar Players Guide, or you have already purchased it, know this:

The Mike Singer Guitar Players Guide consists of a chronological, sequential, and purposeful order of guitar lessons that are intended to enable a person to learn how to play the guitar EASY, FAST and FUN with great understanding of music theory and its relationship to the guitar.  My approach to teaching the guitar consists of three layers: 1.) FOUNDATION – Developing INSTANT management and control of the instrument by providing the best Finger Picking, Picking (with a pick), Strumming, Rhythm and Note playing capabilities a person can have.  This gives you INSTANT command and control over the guitar; 2.) KNOWLEDGE – Acquiring INSTANT knowledge and understanding of the names of ALL the musical notes on all strings and all frets, as well as the ability to play ALL of the basic major chords in the open position utilizing I, IV, V progressions.  This along with an INSTANT knowledge and understanding of E Position and A Position Bar Chords including Major, minor, Dominant 7th, minor 7th and Major 7th Chords provides you with the ability to play practically any song right away.  The way I convey the use of the Pentatonic Modes (all 5) in conjunction with the Blues Notes, Major and minor 3rds and Major Scale Modes provides you with the ultimate tools for improvisation over Rock, Southern Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz and Funk styles of music; 3.) PERFORMANCE – I encourage all of my students to sing and I provide unique tools to develop your voice by playing the Major Scale and using the solfeggio: Do, re, mi, Fa, Sol, la, ti, Do.

I initially slapped my guide together as quickly as I could in order to provide the best guitar lessons a person could get online as fast as I could because I learned through the Google Keyword Tool that millions of people around the world were searching for resources for learning how to play the guitar.  When I thought back over my life and how fragmented the learning process was for me from the age of 10 throughout my teen years and into my 20s and 30s I felt a sense of urgency to provide the greatest lessons possible, which is an ability I developed after years of learning and teaching.  Perhaps most significantly, I developed this ability through my passion for wanting to help others learn quickly what took me many years to learn.  I love getting another person to learn instantly what took me many years to learn.  I live vicariously through all of my students.  If I could teach every one of my students everything I know in one day, I would do it.  The only thing preventing that is time.  But the resources I provide are the BEST, and they shave years… even decades… off of the learning curb for ALL of my students.  I love that.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I created The Mike Singer Guitar Players Guide to be the absolute best resource available for ANYONE and EVERYONE who is even marginally serious about wanting to learn how to play the guitar. You can get access to it at any of the following websites: Great Guitar Lessons At: Superior Guitar Lessons: Excellent Guitar Lessons Now Available At: Fantastic Guitar Lessons For Aspiring Guitar Players/Singers:

Monday, May 21, 2012

This Is My Video Submission To ABC's Shark Tank For My Children's Music Books, Grand Staff & His Musical Friends:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

FREE YouTube Video Music Lessons

FREE YouTube Video Music Lessons (Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass, & Drums) For Babies, Children, Teens, & Adults!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Online FREE Video Music Lessons

Here is a GREAT website with FREE videos for learning guitar, voice, piano, bass, & drums:

Lecciones en línea GRATIS Video Music

Aquí es un gran sitio web con videos gratis para aprender guitarra, voz, piano, bajo, y tambores: